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人生中,能让我闭嘴的其一是富士山,登家楼的肯逸湖,台湾的日月潭缆车之旅. 世界这么大, 人是如此而已. 你们说呢? self reflect moment…Mt Fuji(Japan), Lake Kenyir(Malaysia), Sun Moon Lake cable car(Taiwan), Life's short folks, be yourself, ok ?

ichyfeet @ Tokyo-Pokemon center 脚痒@东京-神奇宝贝

One night before we passby the area, yes ! we going for it tomorrow ! Zinc is taking the pictures 😀


fun advertisement on the train :O


Today weather super nice at 17’c 😀 we are going to Pokemon center !

Pokemon center is in Hamamatsucho, kiddos love it, is a must go place for them other then Disney resort :O


look  at these flowers outside the New Otani Inn hotel 😀 its real flower !

20120612_124210 20120612_124237

 Signage very clear direction, no worries !

The black station in the center:
JR 浜松町駅
JR Hamamatsu-cho station (one of Yamanote Line stations)
東京モノレール 浜松町駅
Tokyo Monorail Hamamatsu-cho station
The gray station in the left:
都営地下鉄浅草線 大門駅
Subway Asakusa Line Daimon station
都営地下鉄大江戸線 大門駅
Subway Oedo Line Daimon station
 The gray station in the right:
新交通ゆりかもめ 竹芝駅
New Transit Yurikamome Line Takeshiba station


here we are !


Before heading to Pokemon Center, we check out the surrounding  area. The Tokyo Tower is here too 😀

20120612_130632 20120612_134035

The Tokyo Tower 😀


20120612_135047 20120612_135437

The Tokyo Tower is here 😀 despite its raining, we still having great fun 🙂

20120612_135850 20120612_140029

Attractive manholes ! i have captures many of it, it is recorded in the other post, check it out ok ? Japan Manhole


where is this ? its a toilet entrance with orange tree with it, wow !

20120612_140528 20120612_14055720120612_153159

love the structure of the gate ?


Attractive manholes ! i have captures many of it, it is recorded in the other post, check it out ok ? Japan Manhole

20120612_141043 20120612_141101

Mos Burger anyone ?

20120612_141118 20120612_141205

Pokemon center is in Hamamatsucho, kiddos love it, is a must go place for them other then Disney resort :O

20120612_141859 20120612_141906 20120612_142114 20120612_142315 20120612_142347 20120612_142405 20120612_142454 20120612_142501 20120612_142544 20120612_142849

helpful staff explaining the game 😀

20120612_143138 20120612_151910 20120612_152152

20120612_152532 20120612_154213

Pokemon poker !

20120612_163725 20120612_163733

Pokemon badge and whats inside ? Pokemon biscuit !

20120612_164001 20120612_164006 20120612_164012 20120612_164022

Pokemon biscuit !


Handphone Cover Pokemon 😀



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