Leesa Itchy Feet 脚痒的李莎

人生中,能让我闭嘴的其一是富士山,登家楼的肯逸湖,台湾的日月潭缆车之旅. 世界这么大, 人是如此而已. 你们说呢? self reflect moment…Mt Fuji(Japan), Lake Kenyir(Malaysia), Sun Moon Lake cable car(Taiwan), Life's short folks, be yourself, ok ?

ichyfeet @ Melbourne,Biz Trip (6d)-Dockland 脚痒@墨尔本,商务之旅(6日)-墨尔本港区

When to Dockland in a drizzling day, its a very romantic kind of feel, surrounded by very nice but over supply apartments, but well, this is CBD !   Wanna … Continue reading

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ichyfeet @ Melbourne,Biz Trip (6d)-St Kilda Pier 脚痒@墨尔本,商务之旅(6日)-圣基尔达码头

we are heading to St Kilda Pier, stopby STK apartment site, hows the view ? well well ! fresh lemon ! St Kilda Pier, i’ll be back ! (batt die … Continue reading

June 8, 2014 · Leave a comment

ichyfeet @ Melbourne,Biz Trip (6d)-Tram Ride 脚痒@墨尔本,商务之旅(6日)-电车之旅

WE are going to try out Melbourne Tram ! its a exciting experience, different from hometown Singapore MRT, Japan scary(scary because i dont know how to take it hahah!) JR … Continue reading

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ichyfeet @ Melbourne,Biz Trip (6d)-Crown Casino 脚痒@墨尔本,商务之旅(6日)-皇冠赌场

this is shopping street, we took tram next to the shopping area, on the street ! so interesting !a very short tram ride to reach Crown Casino, yes ! My … Continue reading

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ichyfeet @ Melbourne,Biz Trip (6d)-Queen Victoria market 脚痒@墨尔本,商务之旅(6日)-维多利亚女皇市场

7am Melbourne time, 5am home town Singapore time…oh my…its a lively place to go, to see the locals & us tourist around, many known & unknown language conversing 🙂  see ? … Continue reading

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ichyfeet @ Melbourne,Biz Trip (6d)-Prahran market 脚痒@墨尔本,商务之旅(6日)-帕拉罕市场

Prahran Market 帕拉罕市场 its a very interesting local market, i’m enjoying the music, kiddos sing-a-long, and of course, the food !  My colleague Tan Mei.  Dash to the Wall art, isnt … Continue reading

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