Leesa Itchy Feet 脚痒的李莎

人生中,能让我闭嘴的其一是富士山,登家楼的肯逸湖,台湾的日月潭缆车之旅. 世界这么大, 人是如此而已. 你们说呢? self reflect moment…Mt Fuji(Japan), Lake Kenyir(Malaysia), Sun Moon Lake cable car(Taiwan), Life's short folks, be yourself, ok ?

Ichyfeet @ Vietnam(27d)-Dessert shop 脚痒@越南(27日)-胡志明市/西贡-甜品店

This is really surprise us, superb environment and kids are thrill ! 😀 Yogurt Space147 Tran Hung Dao, District 1, SaigonT: (08) 3290 6985

May 16, 2014 · 3 Comments

ichyfeet @ Vietnam(27d)-Cafe Zoom 脚痒@越南(27日)-胡志明市/西贡-摩托车维斯帕咖啡馆

Cafe Zoom – checked !  check out their websites :D, Zoom cafe is pretty cool !

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ichyfeet @ Vietnam(27d)- Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica 脚痒@越南(27日)-胡志明市/西贡-西贡圣母大教堂

Notre Dame Cathedral wanted to see it, and here we are. anyone can tell me why the snake under HER feet ? very attractive, and its so peaceful. saw a few … Continue reading

May 14, 2014 · 2 Comments

ichyfeet @ Vietnam(27d)-Bến Thành Market 脚痒@越南(27日)-胡志明市/西贡-滨城市场

Ben Thanh Market  passby a few times, still havent explore it.  the landmark of Ben Thanh Market, magnificent !   everywhere can see the busy traffic, scary though :O  here we … Continue reading

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ichyfeet @ Vietnam(27d)-Saigon/HCMC-Tok kong Vietnam Post Office♥ 脚痒@越南(27日)-西贡/胡志明市-越南邮局

U see then u know. 百闻不如一见! Amazingly beautiful Post Office :O Alloy ask me “what ! This is the POST OFFICE ? why ? Mommy why so grand ?” Oh because … Continue reading

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Bonjour Vietnam

incredible beautiful Vietnam song ” Bonjour Vietnam “ on Vietjet, i hear it the very first time play on air, after the Christmas songs played ! yes ! on the plane ! … Continue reading

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ichyfeet @ Vietnam(27d)-Hanoi-Ho Chi Mint Museum 脚痒@越南(27日)-河内-博物馆

This is cool, I think ^^ 54 ethnic groups stamp, ok ? for my dearrie Pc Lulu collection Didn’t expect I will enjoy museum…oh well, I did ! sorry i … Continue reading

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ichyfeet @ Vietnam(27d)-Hanoi-One Pillar Pagoda 脚痒@越南(27日)-河内-一柱寺

话说1049年。。。long long time ago in 1049… we are really excited to see this open field, its beyond words, its HUGE ! we are really excited to see this open field, its … Continue reading

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ichyfeet @ Vietnam(27d)-HCMC/Saigon-shopping Malls 脚痒@越南(27日)-胡志明市/西贡-广场

Diamond Plaza 钻石广场 Diamond Plaza is juz opposite the famous Grand Post Office/Catheral (snake under Lady’s feet). Nothing special here, after the photos shoot at Post Office/Catheral, you may want to … Continue reading

January 25, 2014 · 3 Comments

ichyfeet @ Vietnam(27d)-Ho Chi Minh city 脚痒@越南(27日)-胡志明市

first thing come to our view, is not motorbikes but the nice building structures everywhere despite the dangling cables :p after 5-10mins arrival from airport, we see this beautiful Pagoda/temple … Continue reading

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ichyfeet @ Vietnam(27d)-Halong Bay Cave Adventures 脚痒@越南(27日)-下龙湾洞穴历险记

i never expect this adventures be my top favorite fond memory of Vietnam 27d trip, the view is extraordinary breathtaking, too strong wing ._.lll and the bays ! oh the … Continue reading

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