Leesa Itchy Feet 脚痒的李莎

人生中,能让我闭嘴的其一是富士山,登家楼的肯逸湖,台湾的日月潭缆车之旅. 世界这么大, 人是如此而已. 你们说呢? self reflect moment…Mt Fuji(Japan), Lake Kenyir(Malaysia), Sun Moon Lake cable car(Taiwan), Life's short folks, be yourself, ok ?

ichyfeet @ Penang, Malaysia-Well/Signage 脚痒@槟城,马来西亚-水井/标牌

Well in Sg Dua 水井 (2006)

You rarely see one workable well anymore…(as all was transform to “wishing well” etc) here’s one, my dearest uncle Ngan home sweet home. My cousin Teik Hong, Rui (counsin-in-law),Wayne & Jason are still staying there with my deast uncle 🙂

Signage 标牌 (2006)

what it means ??? FINE RM500 for dirty the road.

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